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Our goal is to bring together all Beligan eHealth stakeholders from industry and care sector through our groups HL7 Belgium and IHE Belgium. Interoperability can be achieved through using and IHE profiles and international standards from DICOM, HL7 and ISO and terminologies like Snomed CT and Loinc.

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As sectoral standardisation operator assigned by the National Standardisation body NBN, Agoria ICT is Belgian secretary of the following European and international standardisation committees

  • ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics
  • CEN/TC 251 Health Informatics
  • CEN/TC 431 Service Chain for Social Care Alarms

Per standardisation committee you can see the number of published standards and the standards being developed.

Standards Published Work Programme
CEN/TC 251 Health Informatics 104 25
ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics 198 54
CEN/TC 431 Service Chain for Social Care Alarms 0 1


Ongoing international standardisation projects are f.e.:

  • The International Patient Summary (IPS) - ISO/DIS 27269: check out this interesting presentation
  • Quality and reliability criteria for health and wellness apps - prCEN ISO/TS 82304-2: the draft of the Technical Specifications is out. Check with Karlien Erauw for a more details.

Participation in the standards development for eHealth is open to everyone. Contact Karlien Erauw for more details.

The eHealth standardisation group that looks into Belgian interoperability issues by applying international standards (IHE/HL7) is meeting every quarter at Agoria Brussels or online.
2020 upcoming meeting date is December 8 at 1PM .


On November 3,4 and 5 we organised the online Belgian eHealth Interoperability Days during the online IHE Europe Connectathon week.

You can download the presentations here:


You can re-watch some of the webinars here: