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New Ways of Learning: how to apply in your organization?

Gepubliceerd op 04/10/19 door Karlien Erauw
Een jaar geleden lanceerde Agoria zijn campagne "Be The Change", waarin we benadrukken dat de toekomst van werk aan het veranderen is en toelichten welke maatregelen bedrijven moeten nemen om zich eraan aan te passen. 'Opleiding' zal daarin een van de belangrijkste instrumenten vormen. De infosessie 'New Ways of Learning' tijdens het R&S Event op 10 oktober biedt u inzicht door de link tussen 'opleiding' en 'technologie' te demonstreren.

One year ago, Agoria published the study ‘Be The Change’ where we highlight that the future of work is changing and what actions companies can take towards this future. The first action is ‘Upgrading’, and the second is ‘Retraining’ of people in the workplace. We can say that the main tool to reach these two objectives will be learning. An infosession 'New Ways of Learning' on October 10 will provide you with some guidance by giving an overview and making the link between technology to support on these actions.

The following speakers will cover these interesting topics:

  • Nikolaas Bellen (Kazi): Learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences, but why do we do it? And, more importantly, why is learning undergoing such a fundamental transformation right now? In this session we will take a step back and looks towards what learning means in the current day and age, where it is headed and what this means for your business and society at large. We will take a different approach by focusing on the clear links between marketing and learning.
  • Anneleen Tulpin (The Learning Hub): Technological tools can offer a lot of support in the learning process, but what will work for one company might not for another. In this session we will give an overview of what is available and how it can be used. Agoria’s Techlounge is equipped with a lot of these to improve the whole learning experience.  You will be able to try some of these out and reflect in what way they can be used in your situation.
  • Frécéric Steyaert (UNI-Learning):From theory to practice! We will cover some cases of companies who have undergone a transformation in the way that they handle the learning process. The goal is to have a pragmatic approach to these use cases from the perspective of the company involved. We will look towards the whole process starting from the problem statement towards the added value.
  • Pierre Martens – Agoria: MOOCs are one of the most promising ways to transfer knowledge in a cheap and efficient way. Agoria has undergone this journey during 2019 by building a MOOC in Artificial Intelligence. During this session we will take you on the journey of the conception and realisation of the MOOC. We will cover the ups, but also the downs and hope to help you with your own project by sharing our experiences.

This infosession is taking place in Agoria's Classroom of the future and is one out of 18 tracks during Agoria's annual R&S Event on regulations and standardization issues.

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