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Farming 4.0: naar een geconnecteerde en duurzame landbouw in Europa

Gepubliceerd op 28/06/17 door Nathalie Nicolas
Precision farming, digitale technologieën en intelligente landbouwmachines hebben hun intrede in de landbouw niet gemist. CEMA wijdt zijn volgende congres aan deze technologische innovaties. Kruis alvast 12 oktober aan in je agenda!

In agriculture, the pace of innovation is moving ahead fast these days: Precision Farming, digital technologies and intelligent farm machines are transforming farm practices in hitherto unknown depth and speed. Agriculture today is a high-tech sector in which “producing better and more with less” is a central tenet to achieve greater environmental sustainability and allow European farmers to produce in the wake of sharply increasing global trade and competition.

​In addition, the use of digital tools is opening up entirely new business models and opportunities and is thus poised to disrupt the world of farming as we know it today. Smart farm machines harvest huge amounts of data, cloud-based platforms help farmers in managing their operations from a smart phone. Together with other digital support tools farmers can now acquire an unprecedented level of knowledge about their crops, livestock, and operations.

CEMA, the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, has announced that its 2017 Summit will take place on Thursday, 12 October 2017 in Brussels on the topic of:

Farming 4.0 – moving towards connected & sustainable agriculture in Europe

What can advanced farm machinery & digital technologies deliver?

The CEMA 2017 Summit will bring together EU decision-makers, industry leaders, farmers’ representatives, digital experts, and agri-food stakeholders to discuss:

  • How will Digital Farming, automated equipment & robots transform agriculture in Europe?
  • What new business models will arise from the new technologies?
  • How can the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) shape the further development and uptake of “Digital Farming” in Europe?
  • How can Europe’s farm machinery industry best drive forward innovation in agriculture?
  • What can EU Regulation do to support innovation and uptake of digital farming tools and preserve Europe’s technology lead in this field?


To be part of the debate, CEMA cordially invites you to SAVE THE DATE and join us on 12 October 2017!
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