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Your employees sometimes travel to another country for one or more days, weeks, months or years. Foreign employees are coming to work at your company in Belgium for one day or longer. If you are struggling with certain employment-related issues we may have the solution you are looking for. We offer custom-made advice on:

- Social security aspects and employment legislation

- Personal taxes

- Work permits, visa and residence permits

Our solutions consist of custom-made advice based on the specific circumstances of your Belgian employees who will work abroad for a short or long period of time and/or for foreign employees who will work for a short or long period of time at your company.

  • Type bedrijf:
    • Fabrikant, 
    • Softwareontwikkelaar, 
    • Distributeur, 
    • Dienstenbedrijf
  • Interessegebied:
    • Finance, 
    • Human Resources, 
    • Legal, 
    • Managing Board
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