Vandaag vertrouwen alle bedrijven, niet alleen in de technologische sector, op een interoperabel, naadloos internet-ecosysteem om te adverteren, te verkopen en te interageren met hun hele toeleveringsketen. Zou internetgerelateerde wetgeving uw onderneming kunnen beletten om te profiteren van nieuwe technologieën?

 All businesses nowadays, not only in the technological sector, rely on an interoperable, seamless Internet ecosystem to advertise, to sell, or to interact with their whole supply chain and sales channels. This is crucial to help businesses and populations reap the benefits of ICT and further opportunities for growth, jobs and welfare. However, certain compelling public policy issues, including privacy and security, could lead to laws and regulations that could become a disguised restriction on trade, and which certainly require additional regulatory planning and compliance for businesses. This on both national, European or global levels – all over the world.

Investments in AI, IoT, cloud computing, Data Analytics, Industrial Automation, etc could be deterred when governments would  generate internet-related policies that are not timely, scalable, and innovation enabling. Governments in our country, in Europe, in the US, in China or everywhere else should ensure all citizens and companies can realize the full potential of the Internet as a platform for innovation and economic growth, by adopting policies that facilitate the adoption of new technologies and the global movement of data that supports them.

Companies, including SMEs, should gain more awareness  about the trends in legal risks of internet-related business activities, and the impacts that these can have on the development of new products and services, the deployment of marketing strategies or the competitiveness of Belgium and Europe for innovation. This is of utmost importance for assessing the liabilities and compliance related to the use of new technologies by your company, as well as for assessing the impact of internet-related policies on your business.

14.00: Introduction - setting the scene
14.20: Benefits for business from Internet: rapid technological innovations shaping the future of business

  • Big Data and Blockchain technology – Claudia Selli (AT&T
  • Cloud computing and artificial intelligence in day-to-day business operations – Bruno Schroder (Microsoft)
  • Internet of Things and Remote participation/communication – Danielle Jacobs (Beltug)

15.20: Potential internet-related risks for busines by Jean-Jacques Sahel (ICANN EU)

  • The importance of (business) engaging in Internet governance and legislative discussions
  • How the policies which govern the technical functioning of the Internet, particularly domain name system, are developed
  • The growing body of legislative and regulatory proposals which are emerging in Europe and worldwide, which are likely to impact Internet and those organizations that rely on it.

15.40: PAUSE

16.00: The threat of Data Protection (GDPR) and Internet Governance on effective IP enforcement
– Alexander Heirwegh (Petillion)
16.20: Trends in internet-related regulations

Overview of recent legislative initiatives in the EU and how they can drive digital transformation of the European industry – Mieke de Regt (Counsellor for Digital Single Market at the Permanent  Representation of Belgium to the EU)

16.40: AI, regulation and ethics - Lorelien Hoet (Microsoft)
17.00 Best practices for compliance and risk management in internet-related matters for business

Panel and Q&A with all speakers – Moderator: Flip Petillion

17:30 Networking cocktail

18:30 END

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maandag 10 december 2018, 14:00 - 17:30


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