Het SCIFI-project (Smart City Innovations Framework Implementation) in het kader van het Interreg 2 ZeeŽn-samenwerkingsprogramma heeft als doel de markt te activeren voor innovatieve oplossingen om de openbare dienstverlening te verbeteren d.m.v. data. Verschillende steden (Saint-Quentin (FR), Brugge en Mechelen (BE) en Delft (NL)) speuren naar gemeenschappelijke uitdagingen op het vlak van mobiliteit, energie en milieu.

The second SCIFI call is open till October 1th, 2019 on Smart City Data Challenges.
City of Mechelen, city of Bruges, city of Saint-Quentin and city of Delft launched 9 challenges on mobility and environment open for start-ups, SMEs and companies who are willing to develop a pilot with focus on data, open data and real-time data.

Successful applicants†will receive funding and support for their data-centric Smart City solution, including:

  • † †Up to Ä10,000 to support pilot, proof of concept, or minimum viable product development.
  • † †Potential for full-scale implementation of successful pilots
  • † †Access and support from the relevant cities and stakeholders to co-create your solution.
  • † †6-month business accelerator powered by Faubourg Numerique, Agoria and Cambridge Cleantech, with introductions to cities, investors and mentors.
  • † †Access to hardware and equipment such as sensors.
  • † †The chance to promote your solution through the SCIFI network and events.
  • † †Access to technology and datasets, as well as training and advice by SCIFI experts.

Discover the 9 challenges:†http://smartcityinnovation.eu/open-call-2019/ and how to apply: http://smartcityinnovation.eu/apply/