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Whether it is to check if you are using the right agreement, or whether your employees’ compensation is competitive, or whether your company is handling security risks well, or how you can strengthen your employees' digital skills, ... Agoria assists you in word and deed.

Agoria helps you with questions such as: Are my general terms and conditions of sale still up-to-date? Which CE marking regulations apply to my product? Which investments are eligible for the investment deduction?

Agoria organizes numerous activities to help you develop your network, discover business opportunities in specific vertical markets and learn about how these markets evolve. Call upon an expert for a specific challenge or suggest your products and services as the solution.

The manufacturing industry is in full transformation. Do you see opportunities and do you also wish to work on important areas of transformation? Agoria guides you. We will tell you everything you need to know about Industry 4.0, the specific areas of transformation, the innovative technologies and the members and partners who can assist you in this journey.

Digitization is radically changing our economy and businesses. But how do you keep an eye on the big picture throughout the many digital challenges? And how do you tackle those challenges? Agoria assists you with personal advice, inspiring local success stories and a broad network of experts in the Belgian digital industry.

Energy, mobility, buildings, telecom, ... These are sectors of strategic importance that require major, sustainable investments. Agoria stimulates cooperation with (public) stakeholders in each of these areas and fully supports initiatives related to innovative tendering. Agoria helps you with your specific challenges in these areas.

There are many challenges to achieving a sustainable society, such as further reducing the environmental impact, the evolution towards climate neutrality, or the increasing scarcity of raw materials. Agoria helps you to further limit your own impact, but also to fully seize the opportunities that technology presents to help shape tomorrow's sustainable society.

Greater well-being and prosperity through technology. Today, our healthcare and education sectors are experiencing an unprecedented digital acceleration. How can companies contribute to these societal changes? Agoria brings together companies and partners to discuss societal topics in order to shape innovation and new market opportunities.

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Our story

Connecting people and companies through technological progress. That’s Agoria’s strength.

Networking and cooperating. In the interest of each sector but also in the interest of society. Addressing each company on its own strengths. Offering expertise based on one’s own needs and requirements. Showing the art of what is possible, but also dreaming of what more could still be done. Informing, inspiring and connecting.

And always taking a stand for the right interests, social and economic. With a distinct voice. With years of experience. With a clear picture of the future. Looking ahead and moving forward.

Because that is how we jointly build a strong and innovative Belgium.