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“Agricultural & Construction Machinery in the Single Market; Today & Tomorrow”

Publié le 22/11/17 par Nathalie Nicolas
Le 11 octobre, un dîner-débat au Parlement européen a marqué le lancement des sommets du CECE et du CEMA. Ce débat était organisé avec le soutien du European Forum for Manufacturing. L'obectif étant de discuter des besoins, défis et solutions pour sécuriser et améliorer la compétitivité de l'industrie européennes des équipements agricoles et de la construction.

The debate was presided by MEP Jo Leinen (Germany - S&D). The following MEPs took the floor to share their views with the audience: Anthea McIntyre MEP (ECR, UK), Jan HUITEMA MEP (ALDE, Netherlands), Deidre CLUNE MEP (EPP, Ireland), Nicola CAPUTO MEP (S&D, Italy) and Paul RÜBIG (EPP, Austria).

With the title “Agricultural & Construction Machinery in the Single Market; Today & Tomorrow”, the aim of the Dinner Debate was for industry and decision-makers to openly discuss needs, challenges and the way forward to secure and improve EU’s industrial competitiveness.

The first topic of debate was the upcoming European legal initiative to harmonise the requirements for road circulation of mobile machinery that travel on public roads. As clearly expressed by CEMA VP Stefan Top (AGORIA – AVR), harmonisation is very important to SME’s, however to make sure the full potential is reached for all SMEs in Europe the procedure should be lean and the technical requirements should be developed in such a way all mobile machines can benefit from the European single market and the single market should get access to all machinery.

Industry and MEPs were unanimous in calling for one single approval system in all Member States. Speaking at the Dinner Debate, Acting Head of Unit Birgit WEIDEL (DG GROW) confirmed the European Commission’s willingness to develop such necessary legal framework, aimed at supporting the harmonisation of homologation procedures across the EU.

The second big topic of the Dinner Debate was the digitalisation trends in the machinery sector. After a motivating keynote speech by Margus Magi from the Estonian Presidency, CEMA VP Paul Snauwaert (AGORIA, CNH Industrial) also liked caution the EU to take premature regulatory action on issues such as data sharing and data ownership.  

Upon conclusion and referring to the current Parliament discussions on the ePrivacy regulation, CECE President Holz (SVSS – Ammann) alerted MEPs about the negative impact that a burdensome and inadequate legal framework could have on data-collection and Machine-To-Machine communication on jobsites.

For a quick recap of the Dinner Debate, check out this video

For an overview of the main messages raised by CECE and CEMA at the Dinner Debate, read the joint press release (ajouter le lien au document)

Agoria is a member of CECE and of CEMA

About CECE
CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, represents the interests of 1,200 construction equipment manufacturers through national trade associations in 13 European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Russia and Turkey. CECE manufacturers generate € 40 billion in yearly revenue, export a sizeable part of the production, employ around 300.000 people overall. They invest and innovate continuously to deliver equipment with highest productivity and lowest environmental impact. Efficiency, safety and high-precision technologies are key. See also www.cece.eu.

About CEMA
CEMA is the European association representing the agricultural machinery industry. In the agricultural machinery sector, there are some 4,500 manufacturers, that generate an annual aggregate turnover of around €26 billion. 135,000 people work in this sector and a further 125, 000 people work in distribution and maintenance. The companies are mainly small and medium-sized manufacturers. The sector covers around 450 different machine types. www.cema-agri.org.

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