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Think Tank 2018: "Equipment for demolition"

Publié le 06/09/18 par Nathalie Nicolas
Le CECE, Comité européen des équipements de construction, organise, en partenariat avec l'Association européenne de démolition, EDA, un Think Tank intitulé "Equipment for demolition", le 10 octobre prochain à Bruxelles. En tant que membre d'Agoria, vous y avez accès gratuitement.

The Committee for European Construction Equipment, CECE, in partnership with The European demolition Association, EDA, organize a Think tank under the title "Equipment for demolition", in October 10, 2018, from 9:00 to 13:00 in Brussels.

The goal is to discuss and communicate the changing nature of the demolition sector and its impact on equipment. Indeed, the use of sophisticated, specialized equipment and the systematic recycling of building materials turn demolition into something that might be better described as "reverse building". However, this new reality and its benefits should be pointed out to the public more actively.

Within this context, the following questions will be addressed during the Think-Tank, which is set up as an informal workshop/round table debate:

  • How are the demolition, waste management, recycling and deconstruction activities changing the industry?
  • How are the legal and technical requirements changing the way in which demolition is done?
  • How are the business models changing for construction, demolition and waste manageme nt activities?
  • Ownership vs rental: how to combine both options on a sustainable way for the industry?
  • What kind of equipment (carriers, attachments and other tools) does the demolition industry need? Who can develop them and when will they be available?

Work language : English

Attendance is open to any members of Agoria participation is free of charge.

You can find more information and complete your registration by visiting the Think-Tank's webpage.

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