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Normes pour vélos et véhicules légers électriques

Publié le 25/05/20 par Dirk De Moor
De nombreux comités de normalisation sont actifs dans le domaine des vélos et des véhicules électriques légers. Voici une liste des comités de normalisation concernés (position 1/5/2020). En plus des comités techniques de normalisation, sont indiqués le nombre de normes publiées et le nombre de normes en cours d'élaboration.



Work Programme

CEN/TC 333 Cycles



ISO/TC 149 Cycles



CEN/TC 354Light motorized vehicles



IEC/TC 125 Personal e-Transporters (PeTs)


IEC/TC 21 Secondary cells and batteries



IEC/TC 69 Electrical road verhicles and electric industrial trucks



Dat er weinig overlap is tussen deze normalisatiecommissies toont volgend vergelijkend overzicht van de werkdomeinen van CEN/TC 333 en ISO/TC 149.

CEN/TC 333 Cycles

ISO/TC 149 Cycles

EN 15532 Terminology

ISO 8090 Terminology

prEN 17406 Classification for bicycles usage


Cycles - Safety requirements for bicycles prEN ISO 4210-x

Part 1: Terms and definitions

Part 2: Requirements for city and trekking, young adult, mountain and racing bicycles

Part 3: Common test methods

Part 4: Braking test methods

Part 5: Steering test methods

Part 6: Frame and fork test methods

Part 7: Wheels and rims test methods

Part 8: Pedal and drive system test methods

Part 9: Saddles and seat-post test methods

EN 15194 Electrically power assisted cycles - EPAC Bicycles

ISO/DIS 4210-10.2 Safety requirements for bicycles — Part 10: Safety requirements for electrically power assisted cycles (EPACs)

prEN 17404 Electrically power assisted cycles - EPAC Mountain Bikes


prEN ISO 8098 Safety requirements for bicycles for young children

EN 16054:2012 BMX bicycles - Safety requirements and test methods


Cargo bikes - Safety requirements and tests methods


EN 15918:2011+A2:2017 Cycle trailers - Safety requirements and test methods


prEN ISO 11243 Luggage carriers for bicycles - Requirements and test methods


ISO 6692:1981 Marking of cycle components

ISO 6695:2015 Pedal axle and crank assembly with square end fitting — Assembly dimensions

ISO 6696:1989 Screw threads used in bottom bracket assemblies

ISO 6697:1994 Hubs and freewheels — Assembly dimensions

ISO 6698:1989 Screw threads used to assemble freewheels on bicycle hubs

ISO 6699:2016 Handlebar centre and stem dimensions

ISO 6701:1991 External dimensions of spoke nipples


Lighting and retro-reflective devices ISO 6742-X

Part 1: Lighting and light signalling devices

Part 2: Retro-reflective devices

Part 3: Installation and use of lighting and retro-reflective devices

Part 4: Lighting systems powered by the cycle's movement

Part 5: Lighting systems not powered by the cycle's movement


ISO 8488:1986 Screw threads used to assemble head fittings on bicycle forks

ISO 8562:1990 Stem wedge angle

ISO 10230:1990 Splined hub and sprocket — Mating dimensions


ISO 14878:2015 Audible warning devices — Technical specification and test methods

prEN 15496 Requirements and test methods for cycle locks


Composite material used in bicycles – New specific tests suitable for components manufactured from composite materials (CEN/TR 17112:2017)



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