Seminar: technical, legislative and safety aspects related to (electrical) bicycles | Agoria

Seminar: technical, legislative and safety aspects related to (electrical) bicycles

Publié le 04/09/19 par Dirk De Moor
Le jeudi 10 octobre, Agoria organise un séminaire sur différents aspects liés à l'utilisation des vélos (électriques). Le séminaire aborde à la fois les aspects techniques, législatifs et de sécurité liés au vélo et les besoins en infrastructures. Inscrivez-vous!

Offering an environmental friendly mobility solution, the sales of electrical bicycles has surpassed the sales of conventional bicycles. Speed pedelecs are well received and represent a growing portion of the electrical bicycles.

Several experts from the academic and industrial world will present their views.

  • Importance of e-bikes in the mobility of the future (Ceri Woolsgrove, European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF))

  • Road safety and infrastructure for bicycles (Stijn Daniels, VIAS Institute)

  • Electric two-wheelers : types of vehicles & classification (Bram Rothier, KULeuven)

  • Homologation process of speed pedelecs (Sébastien Paternotte, Agoria)

  • New European Directive for Insurance of motorized vehicles and the impact on electric two wheelers (Anna-Lena Scherer, Conebi)

  • Towards universal charging infrastructure for e-bikes (Jan Cappelle, KULeuven)

  • Helmets for electric two-wheelers (Karin Eufinger, Centexbel)

  • Standards overview, including bicycles parking (Dirk De Moor, Agoria)

The session will entirely be conducted in English.

 Detailed descriptions of each presentation can be found at . Registration can be done at


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