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Eurotrans Gears Training on Geometry & Design

Publié le 16/03/21 par Jean-Marc Timmermans
A partir du 18 mai et étalée sur 3 semaines, la formation Eurotrans Gears sur la conception et la géométrie se déroulera en ligne. Il s'agit d'une formation spécialisée de niveau master sur la conception et la géométrie des engrenages. Intéressé ? Jetez un coup d'œil au programme ici et inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à cette formation de 9 sessions !

EUROTRANS continues to work with our world-class instructors to create online classes for your needs. In 2021, EUROTRANS Gear Trainings will be held online with live online presentations by top industry experts - three weeks packed with specialized gear design trainings. 

This comprehensive online course has been developed by EUROTRANS, the European Organization for Power Transmission Industry, in cooperation with FVA Software & Service, and leading gear experts from Germany.

This course is oriented to people active in the gears sector with a basic engineering background and provides improvement of knowledge on geometry and design aspects of gears and gear systems. Further, this course in given in English and contributes to improve the language skills of the participants by interacting with the experts and with their peers from other countries.


Week 1

Trainer: Dr. Christian Wirth


Week 2

Trainer: Dr. Ferdinand Wikidal 


Week 3

Trainer: Dr. Klaus Michaelis



All modules will take place from 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM CET. 
By registering for the gear weeks, you have access to the entire seminar package and can attend all 9 modules.

As a member of Agoria, you enjoy a discount by using the code "Eurotrans2021" during registration.

If you have any question, you can contact Ms. Cassandra John from FVA: John, Cassandra 


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