La Chine est encore un pays qui présente à la fois des opportunités et des pièges, tant d'un point de vue économique que juridique. Le 19 novembre, nous discuterons des opportunités et des problèmes liés aux droits de propriété intellectuelle en Chine. Comment pouvez-vous protéger vos innovations et votre entreprise en Chine ? Comment pouvez-vous faire respecter cette protection ? Comment cela se traduit-il dans vos contrats ? Inscrivez-vous!

These matters will be discussed by Mr. Ignace Vernimme and Ms. Joanna De Smedt of the law firm Stibbe as well as Ms. Annemie Jaeken and Ms. Annemie Swinnen of patent attorney firm V.O. In addition, Ms. Yibing Zhou of the law firm FuJae Partners will join us as a special guest, given her expertise in the field of intellectual property rights in China.

Come to this training to learn about IPR protection in China, in order to benefit from the opportunities that China holds while mitigating the potential risks.


 09:15    Welcome word and introduction

 09:20    Obtaining IPR Protection in China

  • Which intellectual property rights are available in China?
  • How can these intellectual property rights be acquired, with special attention to patents?  
  • What about IP developed in China?
  • What are the possibilities to challenge intellectual property rights in China?

 10:10    Coffee break

 10:25    Enforcing IPR Protection in China

  • How can I enforce my IPR protection in China? 
  • What procedures are available in case of infringements?
  • What are the risks and potential outcomes of such procedures?

 11:15    Contractual aspects of IPR protection in China

  • How can I grant licenses to clients for the Chinese market?
  • How can I acquire or transfer intellectuals property rights pertaining to China?

 12:00    Q&A and closing remarks


Participation is reserved for members of Agoria. Presentations will be given in English, discussions in the language of the participants.


mardi 19 novembre 2019, 09:15 - 12:00


BluePoint Brussels
Bd A. Reyers 80
1030 Bruxelles

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