Le 18 juin, la Cyber Security Coalition, la FEB et Agoria organiseront un webinaire sur les choses à faire et à ne pas faire sur le plan juridique pour les entreprises qui ont été victimes de pirates informatiques. L'oratrice invitée est Cathérine Van De Heyning, de Artes. Lisez l'invitation ici (en anglais) et inscrivez-vous !

A few years ago, talk about improving cyber security for a business qualified as a strong recommendation. Now, it has become an absolute requirement, especially given the potential legal repercussions that may follow if you do not have proper measure in place.

Hence, we are pleased that Cathérine Van De HeyningPartner at Artes law firm, will join us for our first Cyber TalkAfter the hack: be prepared with this First Aid legal toolkit.  In the legally murky world surrounding privacy and hacking, Cathérine will help you navigate the unknown and complicated paths and give you practical advice about the dos and don’ts if you get hacked.

The webinar is a joint initiative of the Cyber Security Coalition, the VBO-FEB and Agoria.

Join us and learn how to better protect your business against a cyber attack


jeudi 18 juin 2020, 11:00 - 12:00




Cyber Security Coalition 

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