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Co-create with the Belgian Automotive Community & related communities

Our actions, workshops and events are aimed at:

  • Shaping the Belgian Automotive Community
  • Creating connections throughout the value chain
  • Informing and inspiring

We work both on major trends and niche topics with high value for the community.

Case Study: Car Audio & Acoustics

A dedicated workshop bringing together the major companies active in OEM car audio in Belgium. Following technologies were discussed: speaker technologies, 3D sound, active noise cancelling, acoustic simulation, signal processing, connectivity. Several concrete 1-on-1 follow up actions were defined.

Case Study: Autonomous & Connected Cars

In the framework of the 2019 Brussels Auto Show, Agoria, Febiac and ITS.be organized a workshop on Autonomous and Connected Cars. More than 100 participants got the latest insights on this topic and joined the networking afterwards.

Case Study: Lithium-Ion Batteries

In the Lifebat-project, several workshops were organized to bring the Belgian companies active in the value chain of Lithium Ion Batteries closer together.

Several project ideas and possibilities for bilateral communication were discussed.

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