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What is the IHE Technical Framework?

The IHE Technical Framework is a detailed, rigorously organized document that provides a comprehensive guide to implementing the defined integration capabilities. The Technical Framework delineates standards-based transactions among systems (generically defined as IHE Actors) required to support specific workflow and integration capabilities. Click here to see a graphical representation of the organization of information in the Technical Framework.

IHE Actors:
Information systems or applications that produce, manage or act on information are represented as functional units called IHE Actors. Each actor supports a specific set of IHE transactions. A given information system may support one or more IHE actors.

Transactions are exchanges of information between actors using messages based on established standards (such as HL7, DICOM and W3C). Each transaction is defined with reference to a specific standard and additional detailed information, including use cases. This is done to add greater specificity and ensure a higher level of interoperability between systems.

See the current version of theĀ IHE Technical Framework.