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Sports & Entertainment Technology Club

Agoria’s Sports & Entertainment Technology Club is the Belgian representative for technology leaders active in the sports and entertainment sector. Within the club, the following communities are present: Building, Security, Hospitality, Fan experience, Sports equipment, Media Technology, Athlete Performance, Equestrian Cluster. From media technology to sports infrastructure to access control, we open international doors to innovative technology!

Our ambition


With more than 80 members, and active in every area of sports & entertainment related technologies such as entertainment, media, safety, sustainability and performances, the Sports & Entertainment Technology Club has an amazing track record in worldwide flagship sporting and entertainment events (Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Asian Games, the Super Bowl).


Ik ben verbaasd over de dynamiek van de Club, die het hele jaar door internationale evenementen organiseert. De Belgische sportindustrie mag trots zijn.

Bart Verhaeghe
Club Brugge

Grote dank aan de Belgische Sports & Entertainment Technology Club. Zij hebben een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd aan de organisatie van de Spelen, die naar onze mening een succes waren.

Sebastian Coe
OC Olympics London 2012

Tijdens de missie naar Parijs in het kader van Parijs 2024, zijn er voor ons deuren opengegaan die we alleen nooit hadden kunnen openen.

Jef Van Hyfte
Mobile Locker

Thank you Agoria. Thank you to the Belgian companies for helping us deliver great games.

João Henrique Saravia
Procurement Director
OC Olympics 2016 Rio

High professionalism of organising, meetings content, programme and a great athmosphere.

Yves De Cocker
GrassMaster Solutions

Our missions


the Agoria Sports & Entertainment Technology Club, it is our mission as technology experts to advise global sports and entertainment organizations integrating sustainable and innovative technologies for higher performance, safety, enhanced fan experience, and new business opportunities.

Since its inception under the impetus of Count Jacques Rogge, President of IOC, the Belgian Sports & Entertainment Technology Club has always striven to foster a cross fertilization of sports and technology so as to achieve the best of business and athlete performances. The Sports and Entertainment Technology Club is the N°1 option for Belgian companies looking for national and international sports and entertainment business deployment!



The Agoria Sports & Entertainment Technology Club powers a cluster of world-leading Equestrian companies including the Best of Belgian Equestrian Quality. Belgian Equestrian Quality offers an answer to every question from the horse professional thanks to an extensive network that combines the best equestrian companies with decades of experience, expertise and know-how. See more...


Three excellent reasons for becoming a member of our club

1. You do not miss a single opportunity

The club offers you organizing committees and stadium managers all over the world, a single point of contact to do business with leading Belgium-based solution providers for large-scale sports events.

2. You expand your business horizons

The Club increases visibility, creates synergies for its members and aims to generate international business opportunities through the organization of seminars, high-level network events and prospecting activities abroad.

3. You gain new inspiration

We constitute a unique executive business platform for you by facilitating networking between its members in Belgium and with organizations abroad. We want to make sure that you can keep growing in the market.

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