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Energy Technology Club

Energy players, contractors and project developers are always looking for ground-breaking technological solutions. From our neutral position, Agoria's Energy Technology Club opens doors to top global players in oil and gas, nuclear and renewable energy for you. Help shape this sector in full transition.

Our ambition


Agoria’s Energy Technology Club is a unique community of 130 top players from the Belgian technology sector. They all have services, products or bespoke solutions in house for oil and gas, nuclear and renewable energy. Our Club brings energy players, contractors and project developers into contact with ground-breaking, innovative technologies that have often already proven their worth in other energy forms or industries.


It was a pleasure to meet the Club members and listen to their experiences. I now have a better understanding of what the Belgian market has to offer.

Andrew Cuniah
Manager of Procurement
London OG&C, Bechtel

Our missions


The mission of the Energy Technology Club is to develop and maintain an ecosystem of energy technology and energy services companies with a strong international focus. 

The Energy Technology Club wants to 

  • increase the visibility of the group of member companies as having an excellent and world-leading expertise in the global energy industry; 
  • establish an intelligence gateway between the international energy industry and the ecosystem members; foster and facilitate networking and the sharing of experiences within the business ecosystem, 
  • and gather, analyse and distribute relevant industry information on international trends, technologies and business opportunities.

Three excellent reasons for becoming a member of our club

1. You do not miss a single opportunity

The energy market is in a state of flux and players are searching. We collect and analyse international market trends and forecasts for you, and we inform you about investment projects in the pipeline. But we also focus on the connection between you and the other club members, because by exchanging knowledge with colleagues you will learn from them and are the first to spot new business opportunities.

2. You expand your business horizons

Energy players, contractors and project developers ... We introduce you to the right contacts at the right time. To this end, we organize seminars, high-level networking events, missions and B2B appointments with contact persons who are relevant for you. We are also your representative at trade fairs and promote your know-how, for example via the Club's Innovation Book.

3. You gain new inspiration

We invite visionary speakers and high-level decision-makers from the energy sector regularly to share their insights, questions and needs with you. But your practical cases and those of your fellow Club members are also a source of inspiration for cross-market innovation.

Want to join?

Contact us to find out more about our upcoming activities and how to join the Club.

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