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Automotive Technology Club

Agoria's Automotive Technology Club interconnects Belgian companies with top technology in electrification, ADAS, user experience and smart production, and introduces them to decision makers of car manufacturers and system suppliers worldwide. So you always have a front-row seat when it comes to new technologies and opportunities.

Our ambition


Agoria’s Automotive Technology Club is a unique community of more than 40 Belgian technology leaders. We are a door opener to the global automotive industry for automotive companies from Belgium.  Foreign companies from the automotive industry looking for new solutions in electrification, user experience, ADAS and smart production can count on the Club for fast and efficient technology scouting technology scouting in advanced development en manufacturing engineering.

Our focus areas: 

  • vehicle electrification
  • user experience
  • smart production
  • ADAS

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Agoria’s Automotive Technology Club is one of the better initiatives in Belgium for business development.

Michael Van de Velde
VP Sales and Strategic Business Development

Your gateway to the global automotive industry

Are you a Belgian automotive company with solutions in one of our 4 focus areas? Join our unique community, and present your technologies to car manufacturers and system suppliers worldwide!

Want to know more?

Three excellent reasons for becoming a member of our club

1. You do not miss a single opportunity

Car manufacturers are looking increasingly outside their own sector to design and equip the car of the future. You will get business insights and be able to exchange knowledge and experiences actively with the other club members during seminars, network input and digital teamwork.

2. You expand your business horizons

We promote your know-how, including through the Automotive Innovation Book. But we go much further to make you score with the major international automotive concerns: we introduce you to the right contacts at the right time. To that end, we organize on-site and online Tech Days where you can pitch your solutions at the highest level.

3. You gain new inspiration

Everything revolves around 4 specific technology niches in this Technology Club. So you are always in the company of the best in your specialisation. Because it is precisely through the exchange of experience and the sharing of best practices that you will gain plenty of new inspiration for your own business and possible partnerships.

Want to join?

Contact us to find out more about our upcoming activities and how to join the Club.

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