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Composites in our Industry

What are composites? Why do we use them? To what end? And what about the end-of-life of composites? Are composites recyclable? Do they have a part to play in a circular economy?

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Agoria Composites represents Belgian companies and stakeholders involved in the development, manufacturing, application and recycling of composites technology, and, as such, speaks with a unified voice. We share the relevant information with our members and promote best practices in terms of the use of composite products. We facilitate connections between technology producers and user markets, driving growth and business development which benefits everyone involved.

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Our mission?


Education and information

  • Through webinars and live events on dedicated topics, we connect technology with its market.
  • We share best practices in technology, business and regulatory compliance.
  • We put our members in touch with subject matter specialists found in our network of member organizations and knowledge-centers, including knowledge institutions and universities. (For example, you can calculate the environmental impact of your composite products with the EuCIA calculator).


  • Members of Agoria Composites can benefit from the networks of all Agoria’s Business Groups and connect to the rest of Europe via the EuCIA membership.
  • We aim to strengthen the bonds and enhance collaboration with other national and international organizations.
  • Through our presence at international trade fairs and events (EuCIA, CompositesNL, Composites United, JEC2022, LightCon, SAMPE), we will showcase Belgian composite technology.

Innovation and Business development

  • We encourage "cross-fertilization" between communities to drive innovation.
  • We facilitate new business opportunities by suggesting partnerships and making introductions to potential customers.
  • Exciting new developments that are of general interest can be promoted via Agoria’s communication channels.



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