EUROCONTROL signed a major contract with Thales Belgium SA for setting up and providing managed security services.

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report for 2018 places cyberattacks second in a list of dangerous events most likely to happen this year.

EURCONTROL is acutely aware of the latent cyber security risk and has been working on counter measures for a long time.

The EC Network Manager Implementing Rule contains security requirements and, as a provider of essential services - as well as being categorised as European critical infrastructure in both Belgium and France, we are obliged to make sure that our information security protective measures are in place and reliable.

We wanted a comprehensive end-to-end managed service, comprising security information and event management capabilities as well as a security operations centre.

So, we elected to build these into one programme, specifically designed to comply with our Network Manager Operations Centre's requirements - but also capable of being extended to cover all of EUROCONTROL's IT security needs in the future.

'Universal cyber best practice calls for sound, layered security defences. With their proven track record in IT, combined with their insider's knowledge of ATM, we are confident that Thales can give us the service we need to protect the business we run for our aviation stakeholders,' noted Eammon Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL.

Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager confirmed: 'This contract with Thales marks the start of our new managed security services which will allow EUROCONTROL to secure sustainable operations for the Network Manager for many years to come.'