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Published on 28/07/16 by Nathalie Nicolas

Agoria member company Dezeure from Beauvoorde (Veurne) won the PROfil d’Or in France, an award given by the UNPT, the French national association of potato growers, for the smartest innovations in agricultural technology. Dezeure’s TurboCleaner took first prize in the category ‘sustainable production techniques’.

“The TurboCleaner is a potato cleaning system that can be coupled to a tipping trailer in the field. While transferring freshly grubbed potatoes to the truck of the processor, the grubbed soil is sieved into a container under the machine to be quickly unloaded and spread over the field again, using a patent pending transport system with width-adjustable rollers,” explains Managing Director Siel Himpens.

Thanks to this innovation, four to eight tonnes less soil easily ends up in every truckload depending on grubbing conditions, which means much less transport between the field and the processing company. Other advantages are lower cleaning costs during the processing and a significant drop in the risk of contamination of the grubbed soil tobe transported back to the farm with sick germs.

The PROfil d’OR is officially handed over during PotatoEurope, an important trade show for the entire potato chain that alternately takes place in France, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This year, the trade show will take place on 14 and 15 September in Villers-St-Christophe, France.

“We are thrilled that our efforts for being innovative are being rewarded by professionals from the agricultural sector, one that screams for an increase in output, which is why we can happily respond to this as a manufacturer. In addition, we are convinced that the prestige attached to the PROfil d’OR will increase our reputation in Belgium and abroad. Especially in France, the award is extremely well known, which is of course priceless publicity for a family SME like ours, with a home base just 6 km from the French border,” says Himpens.


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