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Flemish Building Renovation Passport enables sharing of building data with potential buyers and tenants

Published on 11/05/20 by Charlotte van de Water

In 2018 every house in Flanders was provided with a free Building Renovation Passport on which all available building data can be found.  Additional features were added to the passport on April 28th making it possible to share the available information on the property with third parties. This can be useful, for example, when selling or renting a property.

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First building renovation passport in Belgium

The Woningpas (Housing Pass) was the first 'building renovation passport' to be launched in Belgium at the end of 2018. Its aim is to simplify the administrative tasks involved in building or renovating a house by providing insight into its energy performance and opportunities for renovation. Upon login via an electronic ID or mobile app, all available information for your own address becomes visible (free of charge). In case an energy performance certificate (EPC) has been drawn up since 2019, you can also view the energy label and recommendations for the renovation. Similar building renovation passports are currently in development for the Walloon and Brussels Capital Region.

Similar building renovation passports are currently being developed in the Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions.

New added features

With the Woningpas (Housing Pass)  you can view the energy performance certificate, general building information and information on soil, solar mapping and the surroundings of the house. With the new release on April 28th, a number of features have been added; an owner can now also share his or her building renovation passport with third parties via a unique identifier. In addition, it is possible for an owner to apply for, receive and download a soil certificate. This release is part of a series of releases, which will evolve the Woningpas (Housing Pass) from the 'light' version of 2018 to an extended version with more supporting information for renovation.

 Pioneer in Europe

The Woningpas (Housing Pass) has already contributed to several European studies, such as EPBD 19a and iBroad, as a case study. The pass has also not gone unnoticed in the digital world. In 2019 the design was rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Design award for 'Digital Product'. The Henry van de Velde Awards of Flanders DC are among the most important design awards in Belgium. For its user-friendly design, the Woningpas (Housing Pass) won an eGOV award by Agoria at the end of 2019. With these awards Agoria wants to acknowledge outstanding digital projects of the government.

Role of Agoria

Agoria is involved in the project as a stakeholder for its building technology expertise. The Woningpas (Housing Pass) has been developed on the basis of a dynamic co-creation process through which various designs and ideas were tested with stakeholders, multiple government agencies and future users. And this process doesn’t stop here; in the coming months and years additional features will be added, such as an extension towards to non-residential sector (the ‘gebouwenpaspoort’ or ‘building pass’) and features to further support the necessary renovation activities.

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