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Agoria has been designated by the NBN

Published on 22/07/20 by Dirk De Moor
Agoria has been designated by the NBN as a sector operator for ISO/TC 333 "Lithium".

The scope of this newly created TC is: "Standardization in the field of lithium mining, concentration, extraction, separation and conversion to useful lithium compounds/materials (including oxides, salts, metals, master alloys, lithium-ion battery materials, etc.) The work program includes terminology, technical conditions of delivery to overcome transport difficulties, unified testing and analysis methods to improve the general quality of lithium products.

Excluded: Battery Note: Battery is a component and not a material, which can be directly used in electric vehicles, digital cameras, electric motorcycles, etc"

The plan is to develop three categories of standards for lithium:

1. Basic standards

  • Terms and definitions
  • Packing, marking, transport and storage

2. Testing and analysis methods standards

  • Chemical analysis of lithium concentrates, metals, compounds and materials
  • Determination of particle size, specific surface area of lithium concentrates

3. Product standards

Standards of lithium products, from the upstream of elements concentrates to the downstream of materials, including elements reuse and recycling.

Priorities will be given to the items listed in the first and second categories, because the same understanding of definitions and common testing methods are essential for producers and users of lithium globally, and also are the base for development of international lithium standards in the next step.

Target date of the NPs are by the end of 2020.

Following is a tentative list of ISO standards to be elaborated:

  • "Terms and definitions of lithium" and "Designation system of lithium".
  • "Packing, marking, transport and storage of lithium products".
  • "Method for chemical analysis of lithium ", which will contain a series of 11 parts.
  • “Methods for chemical analysis of lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide monohydrate and lithium chloride ", which will contain a series of 16 parts.
  • "Methods for chemical analysis of spodumene and lepidolite concentrates ", which will contain a series of 11 parts.
  • “Lithium”.
  • “Lithium hydroxide monohydrate”.
  • “Spodumene concentrate”.
  • “Battery grade lithium carbonate”.

Lithium is the lightest alkali metal element and has been widely used in the traditional industrial fields such as glass, ceramics, petrochemical, metallurgy, textile, synthetic rubber, lubricating materials and medical treatment. In recent years, application of lithium in the field of battery energy, aerospace and nuclear is growing rapidly. Lithium has become a very important industrial product of metal, which is well known as the "21st century energy metal".

More and more countries have been aware of the importance of lithium in their supply chains. Some of them, such as USA, Australia, Canada, etc. increased on lithium production in recent years. World lithium supply pattern is now being diversified.

Global lithium resources are mainly distributed in salt lakes and various ores. The salt-lake brine resources are mainly concentrated in the lithium triangle of South America (Chile, Argentina and Bolivia). The hard rock lithium resources are mainly concentrated in Australia, Canada and Africa, Congo, Zimbabwe and other countries.

China, South Korea and Japan are major consumers of lithium product. International trade of lithium product is becoming more frequent.

Spodumene concentrate production capacity exceeds 2000kt in Australia. Lithium production exceeds 100kt LCE in Chile, Argentina and other South American countries.

Lithium production is about 167kt LCE in China.

In summary the purpose for the TC is to start development of international standards on lithium materially, to promote production, fair trade and sustainable procurement of lithium globally.

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The proposal was accepted and Agoria was assigned as sector operator by the NBN.

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