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Ecodesign and energy labelling: ecodesign and energy labelling: what will change with the new lighting regulations?

Published on 13/12/19 by Charlotte van de Water
On the 5th of December the new Ecodesign and energy labelling regulations for lighting were published. They include a new definition, a new phase-out of products and an impact on the registration obligation in the Energy labelling database (EPREL).

As a federation of building technology, Agoria has a responsibility in ensuring that manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products have the correct information on new regulations in time to make the necessary preparations. This also goes for the new Ecodesign and energy labelling rules for lighting products, which were published on 5 December 2019.

The new regulations include a phase-out of a selection of energy-inefficient, obsolete fluorescent tubes (such as T2, T8 and T12), halogen lamps (such as GY6, 35) and energy-saving lamps (such as CFLi) in two phases; a first deadline on 01.09.2021 and a second deadline on 01.09.2023. The reason for the phase-out is that the lamps are not energy efficient and that there are a sufficient number of more efficient alternatives available on the market.

 For more information on the new phase-out, click here (NL) or here (FR).

The preparation period for the phase-out starts today

As of the new regulations of 5th of December, the parties involved have just over 1.5 to 3.5 years (depending on the type of lamp) to take their preparations for the phase-out. For manufacturers and suppliers, this means that they best start preparing and planning their stock today. For everyone who currently uses these types of lamps, it may mean an adjustment or replacement of the luminaires and any associated control systems to be able to apply the more efficient alternatives. Fluorescent tubes (in general) are often used in offices, shops, restaurants, workshops and showrooms. 

Introduction of a new definition

Another important change from these new regulations is an administrative simplification through the merger of three separate Ecodesign regulations (non-directional lamps and associated luminaires, directional lamps and associated luminaires and street lighting) into one regulation for light sources. This means that instead of just lamps and luminaires, all products with an integrated lighting source that cannot be taken out will fall under the scope of the regulations by 2021 (including for example shoes and luggage). Every manufacturer or supplier with a product that incorporates a lighting source must now consider whether or not that product falls within the scope of the regulation. 

For more information about the new definition, click here

Consequences of the new definition of registration obligation EPREL

The new definition applies to both the Ecodesign and the energy labelling regulation. An important aspect of this is whether or not the light source can be removed from the product and whether or not it is included in the list of exceptions in the Annex. An important consequence is that products that do fall within the scope must also be registered in the EPREL database, because the new definition also applies to the energy labelling regulation. The new energy labelling regulation will apply from the 1st of September 2021, with the exception of a number of parameters of the product data sheet, which must already have been entered in the Energy labelling database (EPREL) by the 1st of May 2021. 

End of energy label for luminaires on 25 December

The introduction of the new energy labelling regulations means a discontinuation of the energy label for luminaires from the 25th of December 2019 onwards. For manufacturers and importers of luminaires it means that they will no longer have to add a label to their product from the 25th of December 2019. Those luminaires that do fall under the new 'light source' definition must then be brought into line with the labelling requirements under the new regulation from 2021 (or in other words; might have to place a label back on the product). If the luminaire is not within the scope of the new energy labelling regulations, the label requirements will in principle no longer apply. In view of this transition of definitions, Agoria advises to carefully read the regulatory texts (especially articles 9 and 10).

Development of the regulations

As a building technology federation, Agoria is therefore directly involved in the development process to provide input on what is going on in terms of innovation and market development for the Belgian lighting industry. The objective is to prevent the product range from becoming so small that the cost per product for the consumer increases or that certain activities have to be unintentionally discontinued. To realise this, Agoria works together with European partner organisations such as Lighting Europe and offers consultation to the Ecodesign and energy labelling representatives of the Belgian government on request. 

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