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New Agoria manual compiles good practices against COVID-19

Published on 14/05/20 by Wouter Vandessel
As an employer, you naturally consider it important to offer your employees a safe and hygienic working environment. The manual 'How do I Tackle COVID-19?' is a handy guide to 'good practices' from member companies that are confronted with the same issues as you, supplemented by the insights on safety from our own Agoria experts.

The impact of the coronavirus is so far-reaching that all companies, including yours, are forced to assess and, in many cases, drastically modify their in-house rules and work processes. This Agoria manual can help you comply with the new requirements on social distancing in particular.

The good practices in this manual supplement the general measures at the interprofessional level that have been compiled in the generic guide 'Safe at Work' (version 2).

They are based on the good practices we received from various Agoria member companies in the industrial sectors, supplemented with the insights of our most seasoned Agoria experts.

The aim is to inspire you first and foremost. So the good practices entail no binding commitment, but they can facilitate considerably your task of making employees work in a safe and healthy manner.

The following chapters are covered: ‘Social distancing', 'From home to work', 'Arriving at work', 'Hygiene', 'While at work', 'Sanitary facilities', 'Disinfection', 'Masks', 'Protection', 'Back home', 'Professional travel across borders', 'Waste management' and 'Procedures'.

Download your copy of the manual “How do I  Tackle COVID-19” here.

This manual is also available in French and Dutch.

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