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Factory of the Future : Discover 12 specific cases

Published on 22/12/20 by Sibylle Dechamps
As a manufacturing company, how can you arm yourself against future challenges? How do other companies approach this and who is taking the lead in Belgium? In this inspiration book, 12 manufacturing companies share their keys to success. Discover how and where your company can also make the difference.

Since 26 March 2020, Belgium has 38 Factories of the Future. In the last five years, these award- winners have invested a total of €1.7 billion and created an average of 17% more jobs.

These well-performing manufacturing companies have decided to increase their competitiveness on the basis of integrated transformation processes from the Made Different action plan drawn up by Agoria and Sirris.

They have attained a pole position by investing in further automation and digitisation of their production equipment, and in their employees. These companies are therefore the flexible, high-performing and cost-efficient companies of the future and can continue innovating to anchor manufacturing in this country more firmly and ensure constant growth.

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