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Discover ‘The 7 transformations Experience’ and enter a new dimension

Published on 15/12/20
What does your company look like today? Where do you see it in 5 years’ time? And in 15 years’ time? Whatever its size, whatever its resources, whether human or financial, your company has the power to evolve. If you are a manager or work in a manufacturing company and you want to better understand the challenges of the Factory of the Future, then 'The 7 Transformations Experience' from Agoria and Sirris is for you.

‘The 7 transformations Experience’ is a dynamic and interactive online course raising awareness about the 7 transformations of the industry of the future.

Through your daily work and the products you deliver, you are part of the foundation of our economy. And you already know that the digital and technological transformation of your company is the key to its future.

The aim of this online course, produced by Agoria and Sirris, is to provide you with the concrete information you need to move forward, to strengthen your company’s position and competitiveness on the Belgian, European and international markets.

A course inspired by real Factories of the Future

In this online course, we answer all your questions about the Factory of the Future and the 7 transformations that characterise it. This experience is entirely inspired by the actions taken by other companies which, like yours, take up the challenge every day of operating in a fiercely competitive environment.

Digitalisation of the company and its production tools, automation, flexibility of strategy, work organisation, optimisation of collaborative processes, ongoing staff training, and more. The various experts you will meet through this experience will support you and help you get ever closer, and very concretely, to the ideal company that you want to become!

Follow in the footsteps of those companies that have already obtained their "Factory of the Future" label, and discover the 7 transformations that your company can decide to implement in order to be part of those companies of tomorrow.


Welcome to an experience created especially for you

Whether you are a CEO, Quality Manager, R&D Engineer, HR Manager or Sales and Marketing Specialist, this online course is for you. It offers you the opportunity to compose your journey as you see fit, to discover the different transformations, according to your own concerns. All you have to do is click on each of them to discover them through the explanations of the experts from Agoria and Sirris. Depending on the transformations you choose to explore, the course can last between 20 minutes and 2 hours... Depending on your needs and desires!

And don’t forget: don’t hesitate to call on one of our Agoria or Sirris experts to answer a specific question, at any time, they will be on hand to assist you.

Ready to discover ‘The 7 Transformations Experience’? click here!

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