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Cargill : Factory of the Future 2021

Published on 11/03/21
Le 23 février, les prix "Factory of the Future" ont été décernés en Flandre et en Wallonie. Nous vous présentons les lauréats dans une série d'articles, et découvrons pourquoi ils ont mérité leur prix ! Aujourd'hui, nous nous intéressons à Cargill.


Cargill has been operating in Izegem since 1998 and employs around 250 people. This site is one of the most complex food oil refineries in Europe: we have the capacity to produce more than 300 different oil and fat blends from 11 types of crude oil. This enables us to meet all kinds of customer demands for baking and cooking applications, industrial and table margarines, baby food, etc.   

Izegem has one of the largest filling lines in Europe and an expertise centre for packaging. From bulk to bottled oil, food quality and safety are of paramount importance in Izegem. Cargill has made significant investments in research, development and innovation in Izegem to meet the changing needs of our customers, both in oil applications and in the packaging sector. 


Key investments 

  • 2020 Newcogeneration plant 
  • 2018 Refinery upgrade 
  • 2013 Central bleaching plant & truck loading station for baby food 
  • 2009 Investment in 2 and 3 litre filling line; followed by 7.5 litre in 2012.

Our teams 


We invest in the development of our employees with a view to becoming an operator-centric organisation: this leads to high-performance execution. Moreover, this approach encourages all our employees to keep improving (continuous improvement) and allows them to have an impact on the collective result. To this end, we give them a clear, tangible definition of success, the information and data (in real time), the necessary equipment and knowledge and, finally, coaching and support based on Smart Manufacturing, Digitalisation and Continuous Improvement. We strive to be an organisation where everyone knows what it is that they contribute, who is responsible, all in an atmosphere of trust, positivity and daily improvement.  

Responsible energy use 

Our cogeneration turbine in Izegem provides a combined heat and power supply. Furthermore, Cargill Izegem aims to re-use all its by-products in other applications such as animal feed and bioenergy. 

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Corporate responsibility 

Cargill is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in pursuit of our business goal of becoming the world's leading food company.  

In Belgium, 28 employees across 8 sites participate in the local Cargill Cares Councils. They are committed to setting up sustainable activities with the local community. Cargill Izegem has contributed to the West Flemish Sustainable Business Charter for more than 20 years. 

About Cargill 

Cargill is an international producer and supplier of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. Cargill helps farmers, customers, governments and communities to succeed through our insights and more than 150 years of expertise.  

Cargill has 160,000 employers in 70 countries.  

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