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Participation in CEN standardisation meetings - CEN meeting management tool

Published on 05/06/20 by Dirk De Moor
The CEN Meeting management tool (CEN Meetings) is an IT application available on the CEN portal since January 2018. The use of CEN Meetings will be mandatory as of 1 July 2020.

The aim of CEN Meetings is to manage physical and virtual meetings in a central place and to enable the registration of participants to the meetings by their respective NSBs or Liaison organizations or by the Participants themselves. The use of CEN Meetings is mandatory as of 1 July 2020. This means that only persons registered in the Global Directory can attend.  

  • CEN Committee Member can self-register as delegate or Head of Delegation (HoD) till the registration deadline.
  • The Meeting Participant Approver (MPA, typically NSB staff) can register delegates and HoD till the meeting starts and can disapprove the registration of delegates and HoD.
  • Expert (of a WG) have to self-register (until the meeting starts).

Note: The principle of national delegation shall continue to be respected as the Meeting Participant Approver (MPA) of the NSB has the final word: he/she may register additional people and/or disapprove registrations performed by some users.

The Registration period is the time during which participants can register for a particular meeting. Registration can only be opened if the meeting status is Confirmed. Registration of confirmed meetings opens automatically 24 weeks (6 months) before the meeting start date. The purpose of the registration deadline is to indicate to participants until when they can register to the meeting, not when registration closes. The aim is to give the Meeting Organizer some time for logistic arrangements. The registration deadline is set by default 2 weeks before the meeting start date.

Note: After the registration deadline, people given the role of CEN committee members of a TC and SC can no longer self-register as delegate or HoD to a meeting. They must be registered by their respective Meeting Participant Approver (e.g. NSB).

The full guideline can be downloaded here.

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