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ISO/TC 333 Lithium - Strategic Business Plan

Published on 08/02/21 by Dirk De Moor
The importance and usage of lithium is constantly raising. Lithium is used as battery materials 65%, ceramics and glass 18%, lubricating greases 5%, polymer production 3%, continuous casting mold flux powders 3%, air treatment 1% and other uses 5%. Especially the use a battery material is raising sharply together with the forecasted raise in electric mobility.

ISO/TC 333

The aim of ISO/TC 333 is:

  • to define a common terminology
  • to define test and analysis method standards such as
    • chemical analysis
    • test method on physical properties
    • test method on electrochemical properties of lithium cathode materials
  • recycling and reuse

For smoothly doing business, it is indeed necessary to speak a common language and to have mutually agreed test methods to test the material during the value chain. As a lot of lithium is expected to come from end of use batteries, the recycling and reuse aspect is also important as well as the characteristics of the recycled material.

Public consultation

ISO/TC 333 has currently a public consultation on its strategic business plan 

. This strategic business plan contains a description of the business environment and a market analysis of the current lithium mining and processing activities. It also proposes to organise the work in 8 workgroups.



Please contact if you want to participate in this new field of standardisation or for comments on the strategic business plan.

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