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Cybersecurity & privacy as a sales enabler in health-tech

Published on 19/07/21 by Patrick Coomans
Technology has thoroughly impacted the practice of modern medicine. From next-generation diagnostic solutions to e-health platforms, digital instrumentation and even implantable technology, digitization has become omnipresent. But with this increase of digitization, the threat surface has significantly increased too.

Cybercriminals are actively exploiting vulnerabilities in digital services in their efforts to rip off medical actors such as hospitals, pharma companies, doctors and even patients themselves.

This dangerous trend has caught the attention of large enterprises, governments, and hospitals, leading to much increased scrutiny in their supplier management. For them it is crucial to manage and mitigate their third-party vendor risks while utilizing those innovative health-tech solutions. 

Consequently, to nobody’s surprise companies who sell health-tech solutions are now more and more confronted with extensive security and privacy questionnaires and assessments before long-awaited and hard-battled sales contracts can be granted.

Moving forward, health-tech companies can expect cybersecurity and privacy requirements to increase swiftly in the future, as we’ve noticed that the medical industry at large is climbing the ranks of easy targets of criminal gangs.

The good news is that in the world of cybersecurity and privacy there is already a great deal that you can do with rather limited efforts and investment. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg, just adopt the right mindset, punctuality, and focus. Most questions we get are about privacy and risk, and about the operational aspects of cybersecurity. There are still many misconceptions out there, also companies still struggle in translating theoretic frameworks into practical day-to-day activities.

Cyber security and privacy are becoming more and more "sales enablers" for healthtech companies. Without the necessary cybersecurity and privacy, they will face great difficulties in realising their future growth. Together with some top experts, Agoria and Sirris tackle the theme during the summer months.

These 'learning snippets', which we can organise for you free of charge thanks to VLAIO and our sponsors CRANIUM and NVISO (for which we offer our sincere thanks!), will be followed by a deep-dive session in September. These 3 learning snippets, in the form of digital Zoom sessions, will take place on 27 July (Common misconceptions on privacy and threat modelling), 3 August (From law to practice: privacy by design in health tech) and 10 August (Operationalising Cybersecurity in a health-tech environment).

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