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Covid Safe Ticket in the workplace: this is what Agoria proposes

Bart Steukers
Published on 18/11/21 by Bart Steukers
"Give employers free choice to deploy the right tools for their business, including the Covid Safe Ticket." This is what Agoria, the federation of Belgian technology companies, is asking for ahead of the Consultation Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 17. The aim of the proposal is to get the coronavirus pandemic back under control in our country, but also to avoid drastic measures - and in the worst case a new (partial) lockdown - in the process.

Agoria is concerned about the trend of the infection figures and the fourth coronavirus wave that is plaguing our country. The increase in the number of infections is also evident on the work floor, where companies are facing more and more absences due to illness and/or quarantines. In addition, tension is rising between employees who are vaccinated and those who are not (yet) and sometimes declare it openly. 

What do we suggest? Covid Safe Ticket in the workplace 

Employers want and need to ensure that employees can work in as safe conditions as possible. Agoria therefore asks that companies be given the opportunity to ask for the Covid Safe Ticket from everyone who enters the workplace, regardless of whether they are their own employees, subcontractors, visitors, etc. The Covid Safe Ticket could be requested in specific circumstances, for example:

  • when people are working at a short distance from each other (less than 1.5 meters) or when an excessive number of people in a closed environment is unavoidable;
  • when employees are on assignment at a client who requires the Covid Safe Ticket;
  • during company events, training sessions and other similar activities. 

There is no question of a general obligation, as is the case in Italy, Agoria underscores. 

Agoria is calling for a legal framework of fixed duration of 3 months, renewable depending on the development of the pandemic.

No unique or isolated measure 

Agoria recognizes that there is no one-fits-all solution for combating the infections either in public life or in the business environment. The possible introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket at work is an additional instrument in the pursuit of the safest possible working environment. 

The Covid Safe Ticket in the workplace should consequently not replace other protective measures. The best remedy against an expansion of the epidemic is a combination of measures. 

Verification of the Covid Safe Ticket

  • The verification of the Covid Safe Ticket can be in triad form (vaccinated, cured or tested). Remark: the most recent update of the Covid Safe app ensures that, even when someone is vaccinated, there is no longer a safe mentioned when an infection is detected. This is important in avoiding outbreaks. 
  • According to Agoria the verifications of the Covid Safe Ticket in companies can only be organized for the entire company, or for certain departments, but never individually. The frequency of these verifications can be determined (maximum daily, minimum weekly). 
  • The verifications can be carried out by the security services, the reception services or by a team of "confidants", a fixed and limited number of persons under the coordination of the psycho-social confidant. Employers should communicate the start of the verifications to their employees at least 3 days in advance.

What if an employee cannot or does not want to present a Covid Safe Ticket? Then a rapid test can be administered on the spot. 

  • If the result is negative, the employee can enter the company. 
  • If the result of the rapid test is positive, then the employee can be denied access to the company until a Covid Safe Ticket is presented (with income coverage).
  • If this is refused, we propose that the employee can consequently be denied access to the company and that the company should be able to provide degressive income coverage.


The legal basis for the possible introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket in the workplace will have to explain why an exception to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation is justified and this is therefore GDPR-compliant. In doing so, it will have to be argued that due to public health elements, the introduction of a Covid Safe Ticket in the workplace is a proportionate measure that is necessary to achieve the intended purpose, in particular to ensure a safe working environment and to keep the epidemiological situation under control.

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