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Telecom Industries

At the heart of the digital transition, the telecom sector is active in developing quality mobile and fixed networks for the benefit of consumers, businesses and authorities. 

Areas of focus


With all our members active in the management of fixed and mobile networks in Belgium, Agoria represents and coordinates the sector in order to develop a favourable environment for investment, provide an optimal regulatory framework and ensure the technological maturity of all players. 
Technological developments, territorial equipment, competitiveness, connectivity and innovation all pose challenges that mobilize Agoria and its members to make Belgium an interconnected territory ready for the digital and sustainable transition. 


The core activities of this business cluster zare:

1. Information & inspiration

Increasing the technological maturity of public decision-makers, citizens and companies by offering technological demystification sessions is part and parcel of the objective of the telecom department. What is 5G? How is a telecom network built? What is the contribution of telecoms to industrial practices? What can 5G do for my company? Should I choose between fibre, mobile or small cells?  All such  questions should be given time to build up a better understanding of the technologies over the long term and to make judicious choices.

2. Influence

Our objective is to build and promote an optimal regulatory framework so as to guarantee optimal operability for telecom technologies. To this end, Agoria is stepping up its efforts to support public decision-makers (governments, parliaments, administrations, etc.) and intends to be a source of proposals to ensure the connectivity of the territory: identification of deployment roadmaps, concrete proposals for adapting standards and regulations, identification of "Proof of Concept" or identification of links between the various levels of power, Agoria is involved in making "sense" and facilitating the deployment of telecom technologies and is thus participating in the emergence of the digital society.

3. Interaction

Positioned at the crossroads of the industrial the digital sectors, the telecom department enables the players who are active in the field of territorial connectivity to chart common strategies for technological deployment or to support the adoption of new technologies in all sectors of our economy. By exchanging experiences and sharing best practices, the telecom actors are sources of inspiration and initiate real strategic partnerships.

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