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Safety, security & defence

The Safety, security & defence business cluster brings together companies that provide technologies for the safety and security of buildings, infrastructure and public spaces, for maintaining law and order and for military use. The specific regulations, technological developments and market opportunities are monitored in this cluster within three working areas: Safety, Security, Defence.



Agoria Fire Technologies (AFT) groups the companies that operate in active and passive fire safety of buildings, industry and infrastructure. This business group is divided into the following key areas:

  • Fire detection
  • Fire extinguishers, reels and hydrants
  • Sprinkler installations
  • Voice Alarm Systems
  • Smoke and heat extraction
  • Fire resistant joinery

Technology to safeguard and protect people and society




Building & infrastructure security

The Agoria Security Technologies (AST) business group is made up of companies that operate in the field of infrastructure security: access control, camera surveillance and alarm systems. The members are active in component production and in the design, installation, system integration and maintenance.

Public security and law enforcement

The Belgian Security & Defence Industry/Security Technologies (BSDI/ST) group brings together companies that offer technology or technological services for law enforcement services: physical and electronic systems, integrated or otherwise, for surveillance, alarm and intervention in physical, electronic and virtual space.



The Belgian Security & Defence Industry/Defence Technologies (BSDI/DT) group brings together companies that offer technology or technological services for military use: materials, physical and electronic systems and digital technology for military surveillance and interventions in extreme violence situations.

It hereby focuses both on specific sectors (Land Systems, Air Systems, Naval Systems, Cyber Warfare and Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR) including from space) and on overarching themes (such as government procurement, export regulations, corporate social compliance, R&D funding) and common activities (participation in international trade fairs and contacts with defence authorities or foreign industry groups).


The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Agoria inspires by offering a platform to specialists and benchmark companies active in your technological field or market segment.
  • Agoria helps you to identify business opportunities.
  • Agoria is your information platform about the state of affairs and trends in sector-specific regulations on a European, national and regional level.

2. Influence

  • Agoria brings its expertise to bear so as to contribute to a socially balanced policy concerning the introduction and application of technology in the safety, security and defence sector.
  • Agoria and its members devise joint positions for and provide concrete technological advice to various authorities.
  • Agoria is the reference for authorities and users concerning the possibilities of the Belgian safety, security and defence sectors.

3. Interaction

  • Agoria stimulates information exchange and cooperation by and between member companies, supply and demand companies, the research world and regulators via network moments, and consultation and information sessions.
  • Agoria initiated overarching consultations with other parties involved on the introduction and use of technology in safety and security applications and in defence systems.

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