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Manufacturing & Process Technology

The Manufacturing & Process Technology business cluster brings together companies that produce, assemble and sell machines, components, installations, sensors, controls, etc. for a wide range of customers in the manufacturing and process industries. The operation of this business cluster is both sector-oriented via various business groups and cross-sector (via the MISC - Manufacturing Industries Steering Committee).

Key areas


The areas on which we focus in this business cluster are as follows:

  • Regulation & standardization
  • Technological developments
  • Economic situation & market information
  • Organizing reference fairs
  • Business development & international trade
  • Cooperation by and between education and training institutions
  • Responding to specific needs (e.g. vocational training))

We organize inspiring sessions through sector-specific work to that end on a regular basis.


Manufacturing & Process Technology are the corner stone of our economy.


Sector-specific operation


The sector-specific operation of this cluster is based entirely on the needs of the member companies. This operation has the advantage of being able to bring together companies from a specific sector and provide an answer to the current needs from the different sectors:

Strong link with Europe


Because many of the topics dealt with transcend the national level, there is very strong cooperation with the European Committees of which Agoria is a member:

Agoria and the companies are active in the various working groups within these committees. They form a sounding board in the European Commission for the drafting of new legislation and write guidelines and industry standards for the implementation of this legislation, which have an impact on the specific sectors.


The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Agoria inspires by offering a platform to specialists and benchmark companies active in your technological field or market segment.
  • Agoria helps you to identify business opportunities.
  • Agoria is your information platform on the state of affairs and trends in regulation at the European, national, and regional level.

2. Influence

  • Agoria and the companies identify possible obstacles in terms of legislation and regulations.
  • Agoria and its members devise joint positions for and provide concrete advice to various authorities.
  • In this way, we promote a favourable business climate and the rollout of innovative technological solutions.

3. Interaction

  • Agoria stimulates mutual cooperation by and between companies and external stakeholders.
  • Networking opportunities and regular workgroup meetings lead to direct contacts and exchanges of experiences.
  • The Code of Conduct is always complied with as regards competition law and the GDPR.

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