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Energy technology

The Energy technology business cluster groups the companies that provide physical or digital solutions for the production, transport and distribution of energy. The cluster does not look only at energy in this process. Hydrogen and green heat are also considered. In addition, digitalization in the is constantly gaining greater importance in the energy sector as is the need to process more data in real time and to share them with other parties. The business cluster therefore actively promotes and supports new concepts such as energy communities or AI applications in the energy sector.

Key areas

  • Digitalization of the energy market (AI, GAIA-X,...)
  • Energy communities
  • Public lighting
  • Heat grids
  • Hydrogen

The business cluster also follows up on the opportunities for companies in the Belgian recovery plan, the energy transition fund, IPCEI hydrogen, etc...


Technology for a green recovery.


Partnership with stakeholders


The business cluster strives for close cooperation with important stakeholders such as:

  • Transmission system operators (Elia, Fluxys)
  • Distribution system operators (Fluvius, ORES, Sibelga,...)
  • Cities and municipalities (e.g. through participation in the VVSG Climate Network)
  • Spearhead clusters (Flux50, Cluster Tweed)

The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Agoria inspires by inviting external speakers and specialists and by giving a stage to members.
  • Agoria  identifies business opportunities for members regarding the energy transition.
  • Agoria  follows the different regulations per sector.

2. Influence

  • Agoria and its members identify possible obstacles regarding legislation and regulation,
  • Agoria and its members devise joint stand points for and concrete advice to various authorities.
  • In this way, we promote a favourable business climate and the rollout of innovative technological solutions

3. Interaction

  • Agoria stimulates mutual cooperation by and between companies and external stakeholders.
  • By organizing network moments and regular workgroup meetings, Agoria facilitates direct contacts and exchange of experience by and between its members.
  • The Code of Conduct is always complied with as regards competition law and the GDPR.

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