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Digital Industries

Digital industries brings together companies that provide products, software, systems, services or solutions for the transmission, processing and management of information in various forms (image, sound and data).

Areas of focus

Our challenges include the promotion of an investment-friendly environment, improving the sector's image (e.g. so as to attract new employees), and above all working towards the further digitalization of companies, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the launch and development of 5G, IoT & Connectivity, the (ever increasing) importance of cybersecurity, the important role in our digital society that is reserved for Datatech & Data Centres, investing in Start-& Scale-Ups and much more. 

Agoria Digital organizes numerous meetings and workgroups to that end, where companies are informed about the latest developments on the one hand, and can also give their input for the policy that Agoria will defend for these matters on the other.


More specifically, you can participate in the following workgroups or initiatives: 

  • AI Technologies
  • AI Ethics & regulation
  • AI4Health
  • AI4Energy
  • HealthTech market
  • Digital Public Sector
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data, Cloud & GAIA-X
  • Digital Startups & Scaleups
  • Advisory Board
  • Safety & Security market
  • Smart Mobility/Mobility market
  • HR in ICT & Digital Skills
  • Digitizing Industry – Digicoach
  • DataTech & Datacenters
  • Multi-energy/Energy market
  • Builing & renovations/construction market

New initiatives are of course planned to start in 2021, including a new group Digital4Green, given the importance of the digital sector to address environmental challenges while minimizing its footprint. 

The core activities of this business cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

The digital industry is advancing at lightning speed. New technologies and developments follow each other at a scorching pace. Agoria monitors the latest trends and keeps you informed about what is coming for you and your business. We do this not only for you, but also for many of your potential customers, so that they become aware of the digital possibilities for their business. Agoria therefore not only inspires its members, but goes further and works on the digital transformation of both companies and governments. 

2. Influence

Agoria will in your interest and that of the sector consult regularly with policy makers, ministers, cabinets, government administrations, etc. to defend the points of view of the digital industry. Agoria clearly functions as a mouthpiece for the digital industry through its many mandates in councils and committees where your interests need to be defended. Through your participation in consultations at  Agoria you as a member also get the opportunity to have your priorities taken into account.

3. Interaction

None of this is possible without interaction. In the first place, we think about you and your business. Through our many initiatives, we involve you in the development of tomorrow's digital society which you as a digital company can help build. For one, we interact with governments to defend your interests as already mentioned, but also work with you to help you discover or develop new customers and markets further. We have developed a whole series of initiatives in recent years to ensure that your technological offering can be put "in the picture." 

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