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Co-Creation, Contracting & Materials

The Co-Creation, Contracting & Materials business clusters brings together technical & innovation service providers with industry, infrastructure and building. Providers of technical services, product development, engineering and innovation expertise as well as materials, supply and production services fall under this business cluster. The operation of the various business groups is both sector-oriented and cross-sector.

The Art of Co-Creation - Technical Knowledge & Expertise as a Service

Contracting & Technical Services


This comprises the business groups that focus on the following: manufacturing, installation, project management, engineering supervision, technical maintenance and management, support services (project sourcing, etc.) for building services, infrastructure and industry with regard to electrical engineering and automation, mechanical construction, heating and cooling techniques, metal construction and process techniques (boilers and piping).

Key areas:

  • Safety and shipyards
  • Shutdowns
  • Social legislation on shipyards
  • Digital transformation and servitization
  • Labour market (Be the Change)
  • Public procurement: accreditation of contractors

Material Solutions


This includes the materials business groups: composites, plastics and aluminium processors; non-ferrous metal producers; metal processing suppliers; metal product manufacturers; foundries.

Key areas:

  • Circularity – Sustainability – Recyclability
  • Business development
  • Innovative technology
  • Regulation and nomenclature
  • European strategy and network
  • Schools and labour market



The Innovation, Design and Engineering Services (IDES) business group brings together the companies that provide services along the full value chain of innovation and development of products, processes and services. This includes idea creation, innovation management, design and development of products/services, engineering, building and testing of prototypes, and bringing into production.

Key areas:

  • Recognition of the value creation of IDES companies
  • Belgium as an innovation country
  • Lobbying with the authorities
  • Schools and the labour market
  • Business development – connecting supply and demand



This business group brings the companies that do not market their own products, but offer their services to others. In short: the subcontractors.

These companies provide, inter alia, production, assembly, logistical subcontracting services.

This group includes companies that specialize in particularly milling, cutting, deep drawing, surface treatment, zinc sparks, 3D printing, casting of parts, injection moulding, extrusion, etc.

Key areas:

  • Business development – Connecting supply and demand
  • Innovative technology
  • Digital transformation
  • Schools and the labour market

The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Monitoring the relevant European, federal and regional sector regulations.
  • Setting up and publishing market studies.
  • Organizing information sessions and events for knowledge development.

2. Influence

  • Lobbying with stakeholders at the European, federal and regional level.
  • Devising advice and positions.
  • Raising awareness about upcoming challenges for the sector.
  • Building bridges between industry and society

3. Interaction

  • Initiating and facilitating partnerships by and between companies and other stakeholders.
  • Networking in broader ecosystems.
  • Stimulating growth.

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