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Building Technologies

The Building technologies business cluster brings together manufacturers and suppliers of technological products that are used in both residential and non-residential buildings. This cluster is both sector-oriented (ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical installation material, windows and doors, lighting, lifts, office and warehouse equipment, safety and security) and cross-sectoral, with projects on 'Climate-neutral, comfortable and safe building' and 'smart buildings'.

Key areas


The overarching areas on which the business groups focus are as follows:

  • Technological innovations
  • Sustainability and climate-neutral building
  • Comfort and health
  • Digitalization and smart buildings
  • Building technology and renovation
  • Energy performance policy for buildings
  • Safety and security
  • BIM

The strategic developments in these key areas are monitored through the Building Technology Committee 2.0.

“Transition to climate-neutral buildings while increasing the citizens' quality of life.”

Martin Dierickx, Chairman of Agoria Building Technology

Sector-specific operations


The sector-specific operations of this cluster is carried out on an ad hoc basis and is focused on a thematic approach. This targeted operation has the advantage of providing an answer to specific needs from the various sectors:

Het Building Technology Committee 2.0 monitors developments in these sector groups.

The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Agoria follows the broad spectrum of building product regulations, at the European, national and regional levels.
  • Agoria provides advice about building technology solutions in renovation projects.
  • Agoria is the information platform on building technology and related market developments.

2. Influence

  • Agoria brings its expertise to bear so as to contribute to balanced and neutral policy-making about technology in the building sector.
  • Agoria and its members devise positions for and provide concrete building technology advice to various stakeholders in order to stimulate a favourable business climate.
  • Agoria is the reference for building technology in the construction sector.

3. Interaction

  • Agoria stimulates mutual cooperation by and between companies and external stakeholders via network moments, sector meetings and information sessions.
  • Agoria initiates overarching consultation with other stakeholders concerning building technology in the construction sector.
  • The Code of conduct is always complied with as regards competition law and the GDPR in this process.

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