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Aerospace - Manned & Unmanned

The AeroSpace-Manned and Unmanned business cluster brings together companies that supply technological products, components or services that are applied in aerospace as well as companies that provide supporting solutions and applications for the aerospace systems and their integration in the multimodal mobility system of tomorrow.

Key areas


Common technological innovations and advancements in different areas entail both challenges and opportunities. Overarching activities are set up in all these areas for both civil and military applications.

  • Aircraft structural components and systems as well as propulsion systems, including electrification, hybrid and hydrogen
  • Airports & ground support equipment
  • Autonomous systems
  • Positioning and communication systems
  • Satellite components and assembly ¬†
  • NewSpace¬†

We are working on the transition to more sustainable and connected products and are thus helping to attain societal goals regarding the climate and the environment.


Reliable and sustainable technology to exploit aerospace for the benefit of mankind




The work of this business cluster is focused on the key areas or regulations according to a thematic approach that is differentiated on the basis of regional differences and own partnerships with regional or other associations:

The core activities of this cluster are:

1. Information & inspiration

  • Agoria inspires by providing a platform to specialists and benchmark companies active in the various technological areas of aerospace.
  • Agoria helps you to identify business opportunities.
  • Agoria is your information platform about the state of affairs and trends in sector-specific regulations on an international, national and regional level.

2. Influence

  • Agoria brings its expertise to bear so as to contribute to a socially balanced policy regarding the development of the aerospace sector and relevant technologies.
  • Agoria and its members devise joint positions for and provide concrete advice to various authorities in order to create a favourable and socially responsible business climate.
  • Agoria is the reference for governments and other stakeholders regarding the opportunities of the Belgian aerospace industry.

3. Interaction

  • Agoria stimulates information exchange and cooperation by and between member companies, supply and demand companies, and our members, the research world and regulators.
  • To this end, Agoria organizes network moments, and consultation and information sessions with its members and other relevant associations.
  • Agoria initiates overarching consultations with other interested parties on the development and introduction of technology in the aerospace sector.

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