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Call for Hydrogen Projects

Published on 12/07/21 by Pierre Martens
The Walloon Government has agreed on a call for projects for the hydrogen sector, with a total budget of €25 million from the Walloon Kyoto Fund (€10 million) and the RRF - Recovery and Resilience Fund (€15 million).

In order to prepare for future developments and the rise of the hydrogen sector on its territory by 2030, the Walloon Region wishes, as of now, to promote the realization of concrete applications, in real situations, based on the production, transport and consumption of "green" hydrogen in a maximum of economic fields.
"In the context of the fight against global warming, the planned abandonment of the use of fossil fuels requires an immediate increase in the use of renewable energies and new energy vectors," emphasizes Philippe Henry, Minister of Energy and Climate. "Green hydrogen is one of those vectors. It is set to become a key element in achieving the 2050 European objectives for decarbonisation of the energy landscape.


  • This call for projects is aimed at small, medium and large companies that have at least one place of business in Wallonia.
  • Applicants will be required to present a business plan that takes into account not only current economic and energy returns, but also projections of how these returns will evolve as a result of planned technological developments.
  • Priority will be given to replacing the use of fossil fuels with hydrogen in existing economic activities where this is the most appropriate solution.
  • The transport and industry sectors, which are the most difficult to decarbonize, are targeted as a priority.
  • The objective is to strengthen the creation of "local clusters" made up of one or more hydrogen producers and one or more hydrogen users, located near each other. The aim is to minimise the need for transport between the production site and the consumption site.
  • Extension to parastatals (e.g. inter-municipal) or public bodies (e.g. public transport operators) may be considered but will require that the partnership has been established through transparent procedures.


  • Applications must be received by October 17;
  • The Selection Committee will be composed of representatives of the SPW and AWAC (Walloon Air and Climate Agency), a representative of the TWEED cluster (Walloon Energy-Environment and Sustainable Development Technology) and two recognized external experts from the private sector;
  • The government's designation of the winners is expected in November 2021.

    For Philippe Henry: "The implementation of the first elements of an energy landscape including hydrogen, supported by European funds, also prefigures a future Walloon hydrogen strategy."

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