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INFOGRAPHIC – The manufacturing industry, de ‘little known' driver of the Belgian economy

Published on 01/03/21
Does the general public really understand the Belgian manufacturing industry? Do people know that products and components used to manufacture electric cars, agricultural and textile machinery are developed and assembled within 100 km of their homes? Do they know these products are then exported all over the world, or that almost one in four Belgians make a living from industry? We have produced this animated infographic to explain this in a clear, fun way. The infographic can be found here; please share!

Whether in terms of added value, jobs, exports or innovation, the manufacturing industry plays a key role in our growth, our prosperity and our well-being.

For those who do not fully understand how Belgian industry is a fundamental pillar of this country’s economy, Agoria has designed and produced this animation. Have a look and feel free to share it!

For an in-depth, detailed analysis, Agoria has launched #ManuMatters, an exclusive study on the Belgian manufacturing industry:

Download the #ManuMatters Study 

“Manufacturing Matters - The Belgian manufacturing industry is a fundamental pillar and driver of this country’s economy”



Do you work at a manufacturing company and want to improve your understanding of the industry and how it is developing? Discover the seven ways Factories of the Future transform, assess your company against the Factory of the Future concept, read inspiring testimonials, and much more. 

You can do all this on the #ManuMatters page, which sets out all Agoria’s actions to promote the manufacturing industry and support all its employees.

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