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Make sure investments pay off

Motivating over 5,000,000 home owners in Belgium to make their home or building climate-neutral by 2050 will require a considerable incentive. A higher property value will certainly encourage some owners, but it is not yet clear which measures will be able to achieve this. So the government will have to look for those policy measures that have an impact on the real estate market. Measures that work will then show the way for new investments that pay off.


Increase the climate value of real estate

Making climate neutrality part of the property price is an important way to realize climate-neutral construction or renovation projects. The current climate-neutral supply on the property market is barely 3%. This means that a buyer looking for a climate-neutral home will pay dearly for it. At the same time, there are new owners with available budgets willing to start a renovation project. If we can convince them to include climate neutrality in their project, the supply will grow. That’s how we want to push the supply of climate-neutral buildings to 30% by 2030.

Klimaatwaarde van vastgoed
Impact beleidsmaatregelen

What is the impact of policy measures?

Agoria researches the success factors of policy measures. Which ones have a positive impact on the number of climate-neutral building projects? Which measures still need to be adjusted in order to increase their impact? How can we ensure that policy measures are designed in such a way that owners opting for climate-neutral housing also get rewarded ? Through analyses, Agoria examines which measures can provide a basis for adjusting the policy so that the government can increasingly stimulate climate renovations with specific interventions.


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