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Safe escalator use: we’re working on it!

Published on 15/03/21 by Nele Laus
Escalators are safe… except when they are not used safely. And that is precisely the sticking point. We have noticed that many escalator users are still unaware of the do’s & don’ts of safe escalator use. Reason enough for Agoria and its member escalator companies to set up an awareness-raising campaign about safe escalator use.

We developed an Escalator Game together with Agoria under the motto ‘catch them while they’re young’. Discover it on Target group: 8 to 18-year-olds. But believe us, even adults will have fun playing this game. And learn something from it too!" 

“Instead of opting for the umpteenth video or instruction note, we chose a unique game formula in which the participants learn the 12 main rules of safe escalator use,” says Dirk De Moor, responsible for the lifts and escalators business group at Agoria. “We are convinced that learning by doing sticks better than just reading.”

Have we convinced you of the usefulness of this awareness-raising campaign? Then add your support to it! How? Here are a few examples:

  • Post this message 
    on your social media.
  • Upgrade your escalator to the latest safety standards because research shows that the number of accidents doubles every 10 years that an escalator is in use – mainly due to outdated safety features.

And… don’t forget to try the Escalator Game yourself. We’re curious to see your score!


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