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Floods: Agoria at your service

Published on 16/07/21 by Peter Ansoms
Have you been affected by the bad weather and do you have questions of a legal, social or financial nature? Agoria and its experts are at your service to answer your questions and to support you in every possible way.

Dear members,

Together with you, we have seen how the floods have hit our country, and especially Wallonia, very hard.

Some of you have been severely affected and are experiencing great difficulties in continuing their activities. Agoria has contacted the competent authorities to inform them of difficult situations of which we are aware and to make sure that the necessary help will be provided quickly.

This is, at the time of writing, the information we can give you:

  • As far as personnel is concerned, temporary unemployment may be applied for. Also, don’t hesitate tot contact your Agoria P&O advisor (for the province of Limburg Ivo Stokx – 011/24.72.21, for the region Henegouwen-Namen, Déborah Fontaine – 071/23.57.15, Aude Michaux – 071/23.57.10, Emmanuel  Vercaeren – 071/23.57.14 and for the region Luik-Luxemburg, Tim Beauduin – 04/340.35.18, Alain Sadzot – 04/340.35.28).
  • For matters of insurance, it is of course advisable to contact your insurance company quickly. This checklist (in French) may be useful.
  • For financial support to the affected companies, the Walloon government has mandated Sogepa (04/221.20.60) for Wallonia and Ostbelgiensinvest (087/56.82.05) for the German-speaking community to help find solutions on a case-by-case basis.
  • With legal questions, you can contact the experts of Agoria (Erika Buyens - 02/706.79.30, Béatrice Vanden Abeele - 02/706.79.29) if, due to « force majeure », you encounter difficulties in meeting your contractual obligations. 

As soon as we have more information, we will certainly get back to you. 

You and your employees can already count on our full support. 

The Agoria Team

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