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Two tools to make the utmost of your employees’ talent

Published on 05/01/21
A new year: a perfect opportunity to work on good intentions for employees and companies alike.

The Coronavirus also seems to afford time for reflection. After all, one out of five employees has probably wondered whether he or she is sitting in the right chair in these special times: "Am I doing the right thing for myself and am I in the right job?” As an employer, you could respond proactively to this pivotal moment.

For as an employer, you could focus on the optimal use of talent, attuned to the strengths and drives of the employees and the desired competencies for a certain profile.

After all, employees make a major contribution to the success of your company. Creating a context that enables self-reflection and development is contagious. People feel recognized for their strengths and contribution, are encouraged to outdo themselves, provide additional energy and show extra commitment to their work.

Agoria has developed 2 tools to support companies in this proactive approach:

The DigiSkills Passport for companies is applied to employees and answers the question 'what skills do we need to deploy in order to be successful in a certain role?

Your employees complete this self-assessment tool and increase their insight into their digital strengths and work points, now and by 2030. They will gain perspective on how they can remain relevant in the digitizing labour market.

As an HR manager, you will gain insight into the strength skills and points to work on in your company through global analytics. This can serve as the starting point of training plans and personal growth paths.     

The comparative study of 9 widely used talent scans on the Belgian market, which Agoria commissioned in cooperation with Fontys University of Applied Sciences, supports the question 'how do I choose the right scan to find out what the strengths, behavioural preferences, personality traits, drives, needs and motivators of my employees are'. After all, there are numerous talent scans available on the Belgian labour market. Agoria does not intend to provide an upcoming tool, but rather to facilitate the choice of the right tool. To this end, Agoria conducted a comparative study of 9 commonly used scans on the Belgian market, and drew up a checklist of considerations to be taken into account when making the right choice for the scans not included in the study.

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