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Siemens: the very first Employer ready for the future of work!

Published on 07/01/21 by Laurence Jacobs
Last year, Agoria gave the green light to the Be The Change charter that companies can subscribe to in order to adapt their personnel policy to the challenges of tomorrow's labour market. Companies can choose from ten simple commitments to shape the future of work in their quest to embark on this path.

Siemens is a global technology player that brings together the digital and physical worlds. The company focuses on intelligent infrastructure for buildings and decentralized energy systems, automation and digitization in the process and manufacturing industries, and smart mobility solutions for rail and road transport. It operates in more than 190 countries and employs some 385,000 people.

They undertook 3 of the Be The Change commitments and were the first to be awarded the label "Employer ready for the Future of work." We would like to give you a glimpse into the practical implementation of the commitment to provide a "training catalogue."

Digitization has been on Siemens' radar for years of course, but as not all sectors are digitizing at the same speed, timing is of paramount importance when it comes to rolling out the solutions and tools on offer. This has an impact also on the various business units and the necessary skills and training of the employees.

"My Learning World" is the digital Learning Experience platform through which Siemens provides a wide range of training courses to its employees. Ivo Christiaens, VP Siemens, tells us more about it. In addition to a local offer, there is a global offer of technical, product and general training courses. Traditional classroom training courses as well as Virtual Instructor Led Trainings, webinars, blended learning, e-books and more than 30,000 e-learnings and videos are available. Where management used to determine which training courses were relevant and needed for their teams, it is now the employees themselves who are in charge of the training.

The platform enables employees to choose when and where they take a training course. It gives everyone an opportunity to increase their employability and maintain their general and technical knowledge. Furthermore, the platform uses a smart algorithm that recommends relevant training courses tailored to the profile and ambition of the employees. The platform has various channels with specializations in which colleagues from all over the world can participate, thus creating ecosystems.

How do you cultivate such a learning culture in the company? One of the initiatives to that end is to organize of learning weeks. In a learning week, a few hours are freed up each time to learn. These learning weeks are a signal that learning can and may be done. Such a conditioning mechanism will hopefully prove superfluous in the long run and lifelong learning will become second nature and the learning culture sustainable.

The platform enables Siemens to monitor the growth and learning path of its employees better and forms the basis to encourage employees to retrain and remain relevant in their current and future jobs. And that is exactly what Be The Change stands for.

Against that learning backdrop, Mr Christiaens is happy to share the following e-learnings with us as a source of inspiration:

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