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Alertis – In the last straight line to Employer ready for the future of work

Published on 08/01/21 by Laurence Jacobs
Last year, Agoria gave the green light to the Be The Change charter that companies can subscribe to in order to adapt their personnel policy to the challenges of tomorrow's labour market. Companies can choose from ten simple commitments to shape the future of work in their quest to embark on this path.

Alertis, the market leader in the Belgian Fire Safety and Security market, provides solutions and services for fire, intrusion and gas detection, camera surveillance, access control and integrated security. They have been operating since 1990 (originally under the name Ardovlam), with a workforce of 92 people and more than 18,000 installations in various regions.

Personal growth, commitment and teamwork are important values is the company, so it comes as no surprise that they were among the first to sign the Be The Change charter and undertake 5 commitments in June 2019. One of them was to organize a school visit and a technology session for teachers and students from primary, secondary and higher education.

How did they get started? Stefanie Lootens, HR Officer of Alertis, tells us.

They invited teachers and tutors from the various educational institutions in the vicinity to the company offices and demo room in Roeselare. Not only could they take a look behind the scenes, but they were also given an in-depth technical presentation about an innovative Internet-of-Things platform that an Alertis innovation officer is developing. There was also an introduction into the fascinating technology behind and the latest gadgets in camera security. Finally, everyone could have a nice chat over a drink. But it doesn't stop there. The visit culminated in a structural cooperation with the Howest University of Applied Sciences, where the innovation officer gives guest lectures. Talk about success!

Alertis also casts lines to a student club, a secondary school and even a primary school. Companies already find the latter more difficult, but with West Flemish pragmatism, Mrs Lootens invited her ten-year-old son's class to get to know fire safety up close and linked this to a fun facts quiz. Curious? Take a look at their catchy video:

Inviting pupils, schoolchildren and students is more than just an opportunistic talent show. It is a social commitment that adds value for the employees and the company's reputation, but also to participate actively and be part of the local community.

Alertis brought this commitment to a very fine end and can inspire you to have the same ambition. Get to work with the contacts of schools you already have, or speak to the schools in your neighbourhood. And why not, call on your own children to invite their classmates/fellow students.

Triggered by the impact of this case too? Sign up here for your own commitments!


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