Whether you are an IT developer or IT project manager in healthcare applications, the projectathon on Friday 22 February afternoon and Saturday 23 February 2019 is dedicated to you.

Friday afternoon will be the kick-off moment to launch the eHealth Projectathon which will carry on until Saturday 5PM. Companies and other healthcare actors can test their connectivity with the Brussels XDS-safe Brusafe+ developed by Abrumet. Other use cases within the XDS testing environment are possible.

These tests are supported and monitored by experienced IHE Europe  experts who are actively involved in the IHE connectathons since years. 

The following tests can be executed within the IHE Gazelle platform:

  • ATNA: authentication & security
  • b: document query (ITI-18), document registration (ITI-41), document retrieval (ITI-43)
  • within the document sharing XDS environment: XDM (media), XDW (workflow) and Xber-WD (eReferral workflow)
  • security token service XUA
  • IHE Belgium Proof of Concepts

Since the development of a Brusafe+ connector is a mandatory prerequisite to be able to participate in this eHealth projectathon, webinars explaining all details on the testing setup and preparations are taking place on Tuesday 29 January at 11AM and Monday 11 February at 4PM. All participants will receive the dial-in information by email after registering below for the eHealth projectathon. 

For more information, please contact Karlien Erauw (Agoria) (karlien.erauw@agoria.be) or Filoretta Velica (Abrumet) (filoretta.velica@abrumet.be).